Lucy Turner: "Life of Objects", Art Exhibition Tallaght Hospital-UPDATE!

I am really excited to be travelling down to Dublin this week with the complete series of relief prints, printed on Irish linen. After the successful install of ‘Life of Objects' at Tallaght Hospital, this will be an opportunity for the hospital community to view some new work. Inspired by our landscape memories of travel and fleeting observations.

Life of Objects explores the making of images, the processes involved and the reuse of materials. Giving new life to abandoned materials is not as much about recycling as it is about re-loving. The drawings, both decorative and detailed, are carefully cut into lino to form a relief image ready to be printed on recycled linen.

The images work within the 33x33cm matrix - recycled floor tiles-  the cutting is fluid and illustrative the linen bolt-ends or free it’s not just about recycling